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Our company offers technological equipment assembly and maintenance for energy industry. It is our pleasure to help you with the construction, periodical maintenance and repairs of ecologically beneficial objects, such as sewage-treatment and solar plants.

The Company is certified according to welding quality assurance system, complying with the STN EN ISO 3834-2 standards.


Hydropower Plant Gabčíkovo fresh and fire-fighting water distribution system reconstruction Traser Galanta
Boilers and gas equipment maintenance and repair STU Bratislava
Prefabrication and assembly of Polypropylen III-Slovnaft pipelines Hutné montáže Ostrava
Lock chamber gate rear suspended load removal equipment assembly – Hydropower Plant Gabčíkovo STEEL OK Levice
Hydropower Plant Gabčíkovo water-distribution system reconstruction STU Bratislava
Sewage-treatment plant Vachut s.r.o., Nitra